Campden BRI Hungary is a non-profit research and development institute, independent from food manufacturers and has a great experience on the area of technology-transfer, product development and new product introduction to the market. Our services cover the whole food supply chain.

Food Industry Associations

We are members of many European Food Industry Associations, for example: European Sensory Network (ESN), Federation of the Hungarian Food Industries, CIAA (Confederation of the Food and Drink Industries of the EU), Federation of the Chilling Industry etc.

Hungarian and international projects

We have significant experience in project management. We have taken part in the management and development of 35 Hungarian (OMFB, FVM, NKFP, GVOP etc.) and 29 international projects (EUREKA, Phare, COPERNICUS, World Bank, UNIDO, EU 5th and 6th frameworks, etc.)

  • EU Phare: Business Support Programme: 00-007700. Project for Strengthening the activities of the Food and Drink Industry Federations ... (2000-2002) we developed 7 GHP Guidelines as the official subcontractor of CIAA and FHFI (Federation of Hungarian Food Industries), furthermore we also developed a GHP guideline for the European Frozen Industry in English. (2000-2002).
  • Our colleagues are permanent experts of UNIDO and CIAA.
  • We developed the first HACCP system in Hungary and we have contributed to the successful implementation of theHACCP system in many food companies; we are the scientific organisers (since 1997) of the development of HACCP model systems for vegetable and crop originated foods, which is supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (with the attendance of more than 200 food companies).
  • We developed many Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) (1996) and Good Hygienic Practice (GHP) guidelines (for canning and baking industry 1999).
  • The general manager of the institute (Dr. András Sebök) takes part in the work of the "European Food Technology Platform" as the representative of "FHFI".
  • The Institute and FHFI are members of SPES (Spreading European Safety) Consortium, established by 10 member countries.

3 projects within the 6th Framework of the EU:

  • HELENA: Assessment of young people's eating habits (integrated project).
  • SMEs-NET: Assessment of the research demands of the small and medium-size enterprises in Hungary (SSA project).
  • TRUEFOOD: Development of traditional food using innovative methods (integrated project).

5 projects within the 7th Framework of the EU:

  • ProPraline project - Structure and processing for high quality pralines
  • DREAM - Design and development of realistic food models with well-characterised micro- and macro-structure and composition
  • Windair-Transfer of modular course on the quality of food production for small and medium sized food companies HACCP-hygiene/traceability-Food safety in Hungary and Romania
  • Namaste
  • Transparent Food
  • AgroFood Result
  • IMSFood

The general manager of the institute as representative of "ÉFOSZ" takes part in the work of the "Platform of European food Technology" and in the establishment of similar platform. The Institute and ÉFOSZ are member of SPES (Spreading European Safety) consortium, established by 10 member countries.

Product development:

Development and introduction of more than 300 products to the market, most of them are still purchasable, for example quick frozen loin rolo (Mirelite Csepel), quick frozen flaky pastry (Arvit Rt.), quick frozen, ready-to-heat Chinese menu (Fevita Székesfehérvári Hűtőipari Rt.), quick frozen "galuska" special Hungarian garnish (Arvit Rt.), quick frozen croquettes (Pest megyei Hűtőipari Rt.), special Hungarian filled and cooked pastry -derelye" group - (Békéscsabai Hűtőipari Rt.), several type of quick frozen meals (Berekhús Rt.) etc. We have decades of food chain experiences in industrial meal production, mainly the chilled and quick frozen product and technology development.

Colleges of the institute developed more than 10 new food products licences.

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