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European Technology Platform

European Technology Platform (ETP) “Food for Life” and its national platforms.

The European Commission is facilitating the establishment of European Technology Platforms in key economic sectors to strengthen innovation in Europe and improve competitiveness. Within the industry led ETPs key holders work together and develop a long term vision of the sector, create a strategy for delivery and make joint efforts to help the implementation of the results.

The European Technology Platform (ETP) “Food for Life” was created under the auspices of the Confederation of the Food and Drink Industries of the EU (CIAA) in 2005 and a “Vision for 2020 and beyond” was developed and published in July 2005. The vision aims at an effective integration of strategically-focussed, trans-national, concerted research in the nutritional, food and consumer sciences and food chain management so as to deliver innovative, novel and improved food products for, and to, national, regional and global markets in line with consumer needs and expectations.

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