Food safety and hygiene

Food safety and quality management in food processing

Training on review and technical assistance with the development and auditing of HACCP, GMP/GHP, traceability systems, ISO 9000 and ISO 22000 standards. Pre-audit, assessment of mistakes, problem solving and training in conformance with BRC/IFS standards, food safety and other standards.

  • HACCP, traceability in accordance with EU Hygiene Regulations
  • Supplier scheme support
    • BRC certification service
    • IFS (International Food Standard) certification service Verification, pre-audit and certification in conformance with ISO 22000 standard for development and implementation of quality system
    • Training courses
    • Windair
  • Shelf-life tests and validation of different heat treatment processes
  • Hygiene
    • In situ review, consultancy and audit on hygiene
    • Hygienic aspects of planning and commissioning plants
    • Good Hygiene Practice (GHP)
    • Training - courses and seminars
  • Allergens

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