Sensory services

Specialized sensory services

Why is it a good decision to choose Campden BRI for sensory and consumer surveys?

As a member of the European Sensory Network, we can provide reliable and accurate results by using internationally acknowledged methods, a well-equipped sensory laboratory and trained panels.

Our services help you:

  • to ensure that the results obtained from sensory tests can be the basis for really important market decisions
  • to comply with the requirements of Good Laboratory Practice
  • to comply with food safety regulations, quality standards and consumer requirements (eg. BRC ; IFS).

All backed up or professional background, reliability, flexibility and promptness

What we offer:

  • Sensory tests
  • Texture analysis
  • DigiEye® digital image analysis, colour measurement
  • Digital image analysis for solving technology and quality problems of foods
  • Market research, consumer surveys
  • Brand consistency, surveys in connection with brand adulteration


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