Quality control

DigiEye® digital image recording and analysis, colour measurement

Solutions for food technological and quality problems by using computerized image analysis

The colour, shape and size of foods can be established accurately and numerically by using the DigiEye® digital image recording and analysis system, a measurement which can not be affected by human subjectivity. Colour measurement with computerized image analysis has a great advantage over common colorimeters and spectrophotometers: it also can be used for analysis of foods of larger size or with an uneven surface. Colour measurement of samples and image analysis can be performed based on the digital records of the whole surface; special illumination ensures that there are no shaded areas.

By using the DigiEye® hardware and software, the colour attributes can be defined accurately on any small part of the image taken from a larger sample surface: the image analysis programme can define pixel by pixel parameters, which describe the colour. By using the printer connected the instrument, it is easy to print pictures with colour-fidelity.

The instrumental method can be applied:

For analysing samples, which

  • have curvilinear surface
  • are fluent
  • are polychromatic (multi-coloured)
  • are smaller sized

What can be analyzed?

  • Colour of end-products and raw materials
  • Distribution of components in multi-component foods
  • Degree of maturity or defects of vegetables and fruits
  • Shape and size attributes of specific shaped foods – sweets and snacks
  • Change of colour during storage
  • Colour of liquid foods – sauces, milk products and many other situations

Other services:

  • Development of colour charts, reference colour palettes for food products
  • Collaboration in development of food descriptions and specifications

Useful assistance for:

  • quality control
  • monitoring technological processes
  • product development
  • objective comparisons e.g. in adjudication of complaint
  • confirmation of other analyses

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