Technology transfer

Most Hungarian companies, especially the SMEs, do not have their own R+D staff and infrastructure. A key element and also one of the weaknesses of innovation in the Hungarian food industry is the absence of knowledge and technology transfer, the limitation of education and communication between the industry and the research area.

For improving knowledge and technology transfer, one of the most important things is the method of the R+D information transfer (e.g.. work-shops for technology transfer, industrial practical field training for researchers, research in teams, model projects, partner search events). Industry and research need to think in similar ways and understand each other.

Campden BRI can contribute in the field of technology transfer to the following:

  • Regular publication and distribution of international R+D results, developing trends and technical-technological requirements, for the SMEs with organizing events.
  • Utilization of company-researcher networking activities within the framework of MNÉTP for troubleshooting.
  • Project management service (preparation for tenders, project implementation, project administration, finding of financing source, protection of intellectual property etc.) for supporting innovation promotions in SMEs.
  • Involvement of SMEs in international tenders and projects for pilot implementation of knowledge and technology transfer.

Experts at the Institute have several decades’ experience of technology and practice in the field of most branches of the food industry.

Our institute participates in several national and international projects; among others, we are the leader of the following technology and knowledge transfer work packages:

  • TRUEFOOD integrated project EU FP6 (Improvement of the quality, safety and marketability of traditional foods by innovative methods), including:
    • Microbiological risk assessment and predictive modelling methods,
    • Supplier scheme support and marketing,
    • Technology transfer and training
  • AgriFoodResults support project EU FP7 (European initiative for a better use of the results of agri-food research): dissemination of obtained research results
  • DREAM trans-disciplinary integrated project EU FP7 (Design and development of Realistic food Models with well characterised micro- and macro-structure and composition), WP7 Leader of Technology transfer, including tasks as:
    • Collecting and systemization of needs of the industry
    • Evaluation of practicability of different food models
    • Development of industrial guideline


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