New technologies

New technologies, R+D services

Improvement of quality, efficiency and food-safety by reviewing, training and troubleshooting, based on knowledge of modern technologies. Comprehensive solutions for development of chilled and MAP products and processes, including hygienic requirements of plants, optimization of the technological parameters, technology validation and quality system operation.

Experimental conditions for chilled and MAP products

Consultancy on development of packaging technologies for chilled and MAP products:

  • Determination of conditions for experimental models, storage experiments
  • Recommendations for gas mixture composition, packaging material and specification of MAP and vacuum machines
  • Development of pre-treatment technology
  • Participation in experiments at plant-level
  • Preparation of technological guidelines

Participation in the development of plant layout, plant hygienic systems, quality control and process monitoring.

Technology validation, determination of safe shelf-life.

  • chilled and MAP products (e.g. raw red meats, raw offal, raw poultry, raw fish and sea-food products)
  • heat-treated, smoked and processed meat and poultry products, ready-to-eat meals and product combinations, fresh pastries and dairy products
  • raw and whole vegetables and fruits, processed vegetable and fruit products, chilled and MAP vegetable and fruit products
  • MAP products storied on ambient temperature (bakery products, dried products which include unsaturated fatty acids e.g. cereals, crisps, oil seeds, cocoa powder, milk powder).

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